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Reviews and Testimonials

Alzheimer’s Disease, Heinemann

 “Thank you for sending your note and copy of your new book.  I really do like it very much -  so clearly written and nicely paced.  Congratulations. The style and pitch is perfect for Bella readers so I plan to do a full review on it..."

Kathryn Bingham, Editor, Health and Wellbeing, Bella Magazine

The Drugs Trade, Heinemann

“Thank you for all your hard work and patience in working with us on the book, which is really informative and engaging. “

Andrew Farrow, Publisher, Heinemann

New Media Training Day, Medical Journalists’ Association

 “Great, especially the session on internet research.”

Dr Mike Smith, Writer and Broadcaster


“Very practical and fulfilled and obvious need. Also Fun. Real value- for-money event.

Lyndon Gee, columnist and food expert for Health & Fitness magazine


“Very enjoyable, well organised and informative”

Geoff Watts, presenter of Radio 4 Science programme Leading Edge

Presentation to hospital doctors on writing for publication, Royal Berks Hospital, Reading

“The formal feedback gave your talk 91%, which was the highest for the training day. The registrars really appreciated the handout.”

 Dr Sue Ronay, VTS, Course Organiser

Press pack on Organ Transplantation Research

I have just reviewed this material and have to say I’m very impressed with its quality. Congratulations, Jim, and those who played a part in achieving the very high standard.

Stephen Cantle, Director Colwood Healthworld Publications, Reading