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EJC video interview with Prof. Roger Stupp on Alternating electric fields in the treatment of glioblastoma, April 2016

Two cheers for new Clinical Trial Regulation, EJC News, Summer 2014 

Elderly patients ‘remain under-represented in trials'  EJC News: Spring 2014

Antibiotics – friend and foe  My Health London website,  September, 2013

Video interview with leading oncologist, Dr Matti Aapro, Sept 2013

European Journal of Cancer, News, September 2013

European Journal of Cancer, News, July 2013

European Journal of Cancer, News, June 2013

Rhyming slang helps man recover after stroke      My Health London website, March 2013

Patients' stories: the ethics of medical journalism, MJA News, June 2012

Profile, Prof. Patrick Serruys, Circulation 2006; 113: f11-12

The legendary Paris & Helen Kosmidis: Profile on Prof P Kosmidis and Dr H Kosmidis. Cancer Futures Jan, 2004