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About Jim

Jim was born in Ayr, Scotland. He completed a BSc (Hons) degree in Biology at Stirling University. His final year’s research project on the impact of intensive fish farming on the local environment led to a publication in the International Journal of Parasitology.

Preferring the writing and publishing side to the labwork, Jim moved to London and joined the British Association of Orthopaedic Association’s publication the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery as assistant production editor.

From there he moved onto to become Managing Editor of the Royal College of Radiologists’ journal Clinical Radiology. Then he switched course from editing to writing, becoming a science reporter with Pulse, the leading newspaper for family doctors. He moved to a more senior position at rival newspaper, General Practitioner and then joined British Medical Television as an on-screen reporter. This allowed him to film breakthrough medical developments in the UK and Europe. He also had the pleasure of interviewing Ernie Wise and Dr Patch Adams -  before he turned his life story into a major Hollywood film starring Robin Williams.

Jim contributed freelance work to The Independent, Guardian, New Scientist, Bella, Nursing Times and many specialist publications. He also worked as a researcher/scriptwriter on the BSkyB TV series Health Circuit presented by Dr Miriam Stoppard and Chris Serle.

Jim’s freelance broadcast work includes contributions to the BBC World Service’s programme Health Matters and as expert interviewee on organ transplantation at BBC Berkshire. Jim’s corporate voice-over work includes the campaign “Get real, get a prescription” aimed at helping to prevent the harm done by the sale of illegal medicines on the internet.

Jim worked as a part-time lecturer in journalism at Thames Valley University (now University of West London) from 2005-11 teaching interview technique, research, and scriptwriting for TV and film.

Jim has provided media training to health professionals (via leading media training and communications company, Media First) and to Journalists via his remit as a trainer with the Medical Journalists' Association. He has made presentations on his work as a journalist to clinicians at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and at Maidstone Hospital.